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clear line
Tanglefree 100FT Clear Decoy Line
Our Price: CAD $12.00

Tanglefree's clear decoy line100 ft, a fantastic quality and price.
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Blue Goose Decoys
White Rock Blue Goose Stencil
Our Price: CAD $35.00
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Made of heavy duty laser cut steel, these stencils will help lay the bags flat and give you that crisp edge you don't get with a plastic or cardboard cut out. Designed to specifically fit White Rock Decoys windsock bags, they will also work with most other bags on the market.
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Keel Grabber
Avery GHG Decoy Rigging Kit 4 oz. Keel Grabber Weights
Our Price: CAD $45.00

Rig a dozen floater decoys with J-shaped weights and up to 8 feet of cord per decoy. Weights attach to any style of decoy keel and are held in place with rubber Stretchee Cords.

100 feet of cord
12 Keel Grabber weights (4 oz. or 7-1/2 oz.)
Stretch cords
24 cord crimps
12 depth adjusters
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Decoy Hook
Avery 18 ft Decoy Retriever
Our Price: CAD $50.00
Shipping: 1-877-453-7051

This great duck hunting accessory will fit in any boat box or into your decoy bag.

5-section aluminum pole
connected with Twist-Lock™ tightening system
Pole expands from 42" to 18 ft so you can pull in decoys and downed ducks from shore or boat with minimal movement and effort
Vinyl-coated stainless steel snagging hook to grab decoy lines, necks and virtually anything else you can get it close to
Padded handles on front and back and wrist lanyard keep it securely in your grasp.
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hunting accessories
Power Flipper: Powers all Feather Flyers
Our Price: CAD $60.00

Ready to use out of the box. - Quickly attaches to conduit pole just beneath feather flyer - Very low amp 12 volt gear reduction motor - Duplicates birds' natural lifelike whiffling motion - Simple to use, light-weight, durable and no maintenance power system - Run multiple Power Flippers off one 12 volt RV or car battery for days without charging.
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Avery Jerk Flag System
Avery Jerk Flag System
Our Price: CAD $65.00

The Jerk Flag System allows hunters to move the motion up to 100 ft. away from the blind. Fits almost all flags; heavy duty steel frame and ground stake, eyebolt stake for any angle placement; comes with 100 ft. of cord.
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Snow Goose Decoys
Sillosocks Knockdown 3D Head Conversion Kit
Our Price: CAD $90.00

Includes 12 painted 3D snow sentry heads and stake extensions to complete 1 dozen Knockdown Headless Snow decoys.
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Real Geese Hammer Stake Hole Punch
Real Geese Hammer Stake Hole Punch
Our Price: CAD $90.00

The Slide Hammer Stake Hole Punch is a helpful tool when using silhouette decoys under adverse weather conditions. It is designed to produce a stake sized, six inch deep hole in extremely hard ground, frozen ground, or through ice. The hole punch is a self-contained unit that consists of a housing, internal hammer, and knife assembly. Simple in design and use, it’s operation is loosely based on the old fence post driver idea. The Slide Hammer is definitely another “weapon” in the arsenal of the waterfowler hunting under the harshest conditions when the birds love to fly.
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Rotary Machine
Sillosocks Tornado 2 Arm Rotary Machine
Our Price: CAD $350.00

Deadly on waterfowl in the field when you have those "no-wind" days. Approximate diameter 14 feet from tip to tip Comes with a speed control to adapt to wind conditions Padded carrying case (has separate pockets for the arms and remote) Remote controlled unit works at 40-50 yards.

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