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Avery Power Hunter Blind Blades Camo
Our Price: CAD $265.00

Weighing in at only 11 pounds, the Avery Power Hunter is the lightest full-frame laydown blind on the market. But just because it's lightweight doesn't mean it's light on performance. The flip-top cockpit gives you a full field of view while keeping all movements concealed by a screened cover. Heavy-duty aluminum tubing gives the support to spring into position and take the shot and prevents wind from causing the material to flap and flare birds at the last second. The blind conforms to the exact contours of the land you're hunting to give you one of the lowest profiles in the field. And when it's time to relocate within the spread or haul everything out of the field, it folds up to 30x26x5" and sports built-in backpack straps for easy carry. Stubble straps across the entire top and viewing window give you the ability to vanish within your surroundings. Available in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Camo.
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camo mats
Avery Real Grass 4X4 Mat
Our Price: CAD $80.00
Shipping: 1-877-453-7051

Ideal for concealing your boat, pit top and duck blinds, its even great for hiding your deer stand or ground blind. Each of these 4 mats is hand woven from palm leaves using Avery' s exclusive knotted weave that can be cut without unraveling. Blends perfectly with cattails, cut corn fields, hay and barley fields as well as with native grasses. Each mat is woven 4ft x 4ft and comes in a 4 pack bundle. Additional loose grass at the top gives each mat an overall height of 5 ft.
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camo yourself
Avery Killer Ghillie Pants
Our Price: CAD $100.00

Perfect for cattail sloughs, marshes, river edges, prairie grass, corn, rice, wheat, barley, buckbrush, timber and much more. Blend into the natural surroundings better than ever. Great for waterfowl, big game, predator hunting and photography...even the wariest wildlife will never know you are there. One size fits all...Available in All-Terrain. Please note this item is 1 pair of pants and does not include a jacket.
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Avery Killer Ghillie Door Blind Cover in All-Terrain
Avery Killer Ghillie Door Blind Cover in All-Terrain
Our Price: CAD $100.00

The perfect layout blind concealment system and a perfect match to virtually any environment. You will be concealed in anything from alfalfa to wheat stubble in no time at all. Fits Ground Force, Finisher, M2 and many others. All-Terrain

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finisher snow camo
Avery Power Hunter Blind Snow Cover
Our Price: CAD $110.00

Avery slip style Snow Covers are guaranteed not to reflect UV light on cloudy days or in low-light hunting conditions.

Constructed from 100% cotton 10 oz. canvas treated with 3M brand waterproofing
Ample webbing camo straps provide for additional stubbling
Will not emit UV glow
Side Flagging Ports
Cover held in place by heavy-duty elastic hem

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Avery Ground Force Blind Snow Cover
Avery Ground Force Blind Snow Cover
Our Price: CAD $120.00

Constructed from 100% cotton 10 oz. canvas treated with 3M brand waterproofing and 100% cotton webbing CamoStraps, Avery Snow Covers are guaranteed not to reflect UV light on cloudy days or in low-light hunting conditions. Complete with side Flagging Ports, these slip-style Snow Covers are held in place by a heavy-duty elastic hem. Ample CamoStraps provide for additional stubbling that will guarantee a phenomenal hide in any depth of snow cover. more info
Layout Comfort
Avery Outdoors Outfitter Layout Blind in Max5 Camo
Our Price: CAD $260.00

A lightweight aluminum frame with solid-aluminum hinges to deliver an easily portable layout blind that withstands the rigors of waterfowl hunting. Padded seat keeps you alert on long hunts, padded gun rest protects your shotgun's finish. Integrated holes let you flag birds without exposing your body. Sets up and takes down quickly and easily.

Set up:
85"L x 36"W x 18"H
Folded: 48"L x 36"W
Wt: 30 lbs
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Tenon Blind
Banded Tactical Hunting Gear Tenon Layout Blind
Our Price: CAD $330.00
1-877-453-7051 for Shipping

Heavy-duty 900D construction with PVC heavy-duty backer; steel frame for superior strength in field; folded dimensions 48x56x7; cockpit opening 29x44; flagging access holes and storage; ammo storage pouch; 2" thick padded head and back rest. Available in RealTree Max5 Camo

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