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Ready to go from Spruce Grove, Alberta
$1000 plus gst

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The Marsh Rat is made for the waterfowler! Great for reaching ducks and geese in tucked away, low cover areas where birds feel safe. Its open floor allows a hunter to achieve a low profile while the wide cockpit allows for fast pull-ups. Constructed from extremely durable plastic, this boat is fast on the water and stable, tracks when paddled, tows great and because it’s light can even be loaded on a larger boat. Design features include: a "catch ridge" along the deck, stainless steel bow eye, nylon rope handles and flanged edges to shed water. Recommended for medium to large hunters in marshes, flooded fields, back water sloughs and creeks, although not recommended for rough water use. Have you ever had a long boat trip only to find the spot inaccessible? Take a Marsh Rat to get you in the middle of those low-cover wetlands for a great hunt. Marsh Rat owners also love this boat for fishing, trapping and wildlife photography.

Lightweight – 68 lbs Stable – wide 43" beam Towable – rides high and dry Hideable – hides in low cover Tough – made of durable polyethylene Fast – moves quick/paddles easily Versatile – use as a layout boat, marsh boat, field sled, decoy carrier, ground blind or as a back-up craft Load Capacity 260 lbs Length 9 feet 3 inches Cockpit Size 21 inches x 72 inches Depth 14 inches Draft 3 inches Material Durable Polyethylene Paddle not included.

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